10-Minute Paleo Round Steak & Tahini Sauce Recipe

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Round Steak & Tahini Sauce

In case you are in love with tahini and steaks at the same time, then this recipe is worth giving a go!

Believe it or not, it took me a good number of tries before I could find quality tahini that I would love.

Flavor is a big deal for me, so tahini had to taste great (and most of them just don’t).

Other than that, this tahini-fueled delish steak spread can be easily eaten with other foods.

I hope you like it just like I do 😉


10-Minute Paleo Round Steak & Tahini Sauce Recipe


Ingredients for Steak


Ingredients for Sauce


Cooking Directions

  1. Season the steak with flaked salt and sear it to medium-rare level of doneness using SteakEat round steak on stove top guidelines.
  2. Combine the rest of the sauce ingredients in the food processor and blend them together.
  3. Use as a spread or topping.


Enjoy and please share, if you liked it! 😉

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