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artem-steakeat-comHey there!

How are you doing?

I’m Artem, the author of this site, and I always ask this question and never expect anything less than “I’m marvelous” –  I want you to feel great here, on SteakEat. 😉

Long story short, I was born in a place called Samara, Russia (not to be confused with Samarra in Iraq).

Our family decided to go BIG in new millennium and moved to Moscow in the year 2000, which is just around the corner – 1000km away. 🙂

And this is how ‘Artem Mr. International’ started…as of the time of writing I managed to live and study in Ireland’s Dublin (Trinity College is my Alma Mater ), Madrid (España te quiero!) and New York – New York.

Not too shabby, right? 🙂

And the good news is that I’m currently based in Berlin, Germany, and it’s quite fun, so come visit!

The SteakEat Story

It was a hot and sunny day, when I was stuck in my shared apartment in Madrid (Spring, 2012), realizing that I will most likely not get a job in Spain.

The numbers were not on my side – Spanish youth unemployment was around the remarkable 50% level and Russian passport of mine did not quite motivate employers to hear me out…even when I spoke fluent Spanish.

So without having much to choose from (I love this absence of choice, because you can get to business quicker), I dived into the online world.

This was the only place where I was not discriminated…besides that I was really liking this new rich passive income stuff.

Little I knew how tough it would be!

I started with building a couple of websites, but none with a great success…something was missing.

I then was lucky to stumble upon an online course which helped me to grasp the vital basics of site building, online marketing & SEO.

Why steaks?

I hear this all the time…truth is, I was already on Paleo diet at the time and my market research showed that ‘steak cooking’ was a good niche to choose.

Funny fact – I didn’t really know how to cook steaks at the time of starting (nor did I know site building, online marketing and SEO), so it was the learning all at once type of thing.

Why SteakEat?

Second popular question…the honest answer is that ‘eatsteak.com’ was taken. 🙂

It’s funny how people actually liked ‘SteakEat’ being catchy and almost making on do this one thing – steakIt!

By the way, if you want to learn more about how SteakEat works (things like hosting, theme and so on), click here – I explain it all.


Other Things I Like

So, cooking and steaks is one (two?) things, but I have a couple of other hobbies.


#1 iWorkOut

I’m a huge fan of gymnastic workouts full of movement and functional training patterns which I use to jump around in real life.

I’m like a monkey in the jungle and I love that.

The photo below was taken right in Dublin’s Trinity College, where security guys are very vigilant and keep the place in order.

That includes getting folks off the grass (grass in Ireland, a limited resource, can only be used for cow feeding purposes).

Being myself, I really wanted to take a shot with the museum building on the background (when you are there, make sure to pop inside – it’s fascinating), so this was my solution…

Obeying the rules in Trinity College Dublin

#2 Business Startups

I give back and help others (when they ask for my advice).

I do that by helping people in their late teens / early twenties start their own businesses and assist with ‘online stuff’.

This is another big reason I’m in Berlin these days.


#3 BigAss Travelling

‘Travelling’ sounds obvious, but BigAss Travelling..?

I really believe in waves, cycles and extremes.

That means I can work for aggressively for a few days, but then stop completely.

The same with travelling – when I go, I go 200%.

My past trip looked like this – Berlin -> Vienna -> Paris -> Madrid -> Milan -> Berlin – and took one month.

So, yeah, BigAss Travelling. 🙂


Good luck with your good intentions and see you on SteakEat!

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Happy Steaks!


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