Best Skillet For Cooking Steak: 6 Points To Remember When Buying One

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What’s the best frying pan for cooking steak? My honest answer is – the that helps you get perfect steak every time!

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to get a good skillet for your good intentions.

As you know there is a lot of different types of frying skillets there, so my duty is to help you pick the one that works for you (and maybe even no one else), so here are 6 things you need to look after before going and buying the skillet of your dreams. 😉



6 Points To Remember Before Buying  The Best Skillet For Cooking Steak


1. Brand. I am not a huge fan of nameless/unknown frying pan brands you can get in large shopping moles. They are usually fairly cheap and…can be potentially dangerous not just for the environment, but also for your health. A typical non-stick frying pan can contain all sorts of chemicals – perfluorooctanoic and perfluorononanoic acids are two examples. Both are associated with cancer and that’s enough for me. Hence a good, well-known brand will at least provide this type of information so you know what you are buying.


2. Material. What are best skillets for cooking steak made from? There are many options out there, but my favorite is forged aluminium (and I used a lot of different skillets). This compound has all I need: the heaviness of cast iron and non-stickiness without “delicious” perfluorooctanoic acid. It also does a great job with heat distribution (a huge problem for thin carbon and stainless steel pans) and does not warp – a huge statement on its own. Oh and its scratch-resistant as well!

Before any questions arise – I use Le Creuset frying pans.


3. Diameter. This happens all too often – massive steak on a tiny frying pan. The steaks you are cooking must at least fit into the pan without touching its walls. A pan too small won’t generate enough heat, so instead of searing steaks you will boil them. No bueno. =/

Morale is simple – size matters. Choose wisely.


4. Weight. It must be heavy. The heavier, the better. A heavy skillet right away means that, first, it won’t warp and, second, the heat distribution is good. Besides that if you have a weighty skillet, you are right by definition – your spouse won’t have good enough counterarguments. 😀


5. Handle. Frying steak is oven a two-step process. First, you sear and, second, you finish steak in the oven. That’s why best skillets for cooking steak have their handles made from metal – you won’t need any other dish. Metal handle will easily withstand any oven heat. So get the one with metal handle!


6. Price. By itself price is often misleading, but, let’s be honest, you get what you pay for. A great frying pan which will last you a lifetime doesn’t cost $20. This is why I strongly encourage (and kindly invite) you to go get yourself a damn good frying pan. Ideally the one you can fall in love with – you will see how this small step will affect your cooking (not just steaks 😉 ).

I hope this best skillet for frying steak post was helpful. If you have any other points/questions – the comments are right below for you.!

Happy steaks!


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