When To Use Meat Tenderizer Hammer?

hands holding black meat tenderizer hammer right above a beef steak lying on a cutting board

Everyone loves a tender juicy steak that’s full of flavor and…easy to chew! In this article I speak about when to use a meat tenderizing hammer, when NOT to use is and some of the alternatives you should consider. Let’s get started. Tenderizing Meat With a Mallet The process of tenderizing meat is a simple … Read more

London Broil Recipe (Download) – SteakEat Method

Last week we took some time to figure out pretty much the best London Broil recipe and are happy we can share it here with you, dear steak lovers! 🙂 Even though this recipe includes “broil” part in it, we decided to not broil this steak in oven. Why not? Simply because broiling in oven … Read more

4 Best Gas Grills Under 1000 USD (My Picks in 2017)

This is the review of 4 best gas grills under $1000, which we got for 2017. Check them out and see how you like them (we need YOUR opinion, so comment on what’s missing below).   4 Best Gas Grills Under 1000 Dollars [box title=”#1: Napoleon BILEX485PSS Built in Propane Gas Grill” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#eaeaea” border_style=”solid” align=”left”] … Read more

Why Marbling Is NOT THAT Important

The amount of marbling of the cut of steak has always been an indication of its quality. By USDA classification, a Prime cut is a steak with the highest quality because it has excellent amount of marbling which is said to give the beef its flavor and tenderness. Butchers also judge the quality of steaks … Read more