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How to BBQ Sirloin Steak Medium Rare & Well Done

Sirloin steak is a perfect meat to cook on the barbecue. The mix of marbled fat will ensure that the meat is full of flavor and remains juicy if you follow a few simple cooking tips.

Choose a steak that is dark red in color, it will be dry aged and have a better flavor than cheaper wet aged steaks which are ruby red in color.

Find a steak that is between an inch and an inch and a half thick for the best BBQ experience, select a great marinade, and, then cook to your liking on a grill over the hottest coals possible. 😉



Barbecued Sirloin Steak Marinades

A perfect marinade does two things to a sirloin steak.

Firstly it starts to break down the muscle fibre in the steak giving a much more tender eat and, secondly, it also adds layers of flavor to the richness of the meat.

If you remember these two roles, you can create your own marinades easily. Wine, citrus juice, light vinegars, and Worcestershire sauce make excellent tenderizing ingredients while seasonings such as chilli, garlic, thyme, hot pepper sauce are perfect for flavor.

There are a large variety of store bought marinades that can also be used but avoid those with high sugar-fructose content as they can cause burning on the BBQ and turn you into a sugar monster!

By the way, the same rules apply to when you sear sirloin steak in cast iron skillet. Burned sugar is impossible to scrub off it!

An excellent recipe for a beginners marinade is:

  1. Take one large zip lock plastic bag, large enough to hold your steaks
  2. Chop three or four large cloves of garlic into small pieces
  3. Add half a cup of extra virgin olive oil
  4. Then a half a cup of tamari sauce
  5. Two tablespoons of Worcestershire Sauce
  6. You own choice of seasoning mix
  7. Teaspoon hot pepper sauce

Simply mix all of the ingredients together in the bag and then add the steak. Move the steak around to ensure it is completely covered in the marinade.

Don’t put the marinade bag back into the fridge if you are planning to cook it within 3 hours. You need it to come up to room temperature so that it cooks all the way through without burning on the outside. Leave to one side for between one and three hours for the steak to tenderize and take up extra flavor.

You can also use marinades for when you roast sirloin in oven or with better quality top sirloin on stove top.


How to Cook BBQ Sirloin Steak Medium Rare

To BBQ a steak successfully the BBQ must be lit and the coals given time to heat up.

Generally it will take around 40 minutes for the flames to die down and the charcoal to reach the 500 – 600 degrees temperature needed for cooking a great steak. The coals will look grey when the BBQ is ready.

If you are using a gas BBQ, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for bringing it up to cooking temperature.

To cook a perfect medium rare sirloin steak:

  1. Place the steaks on the grill, always place them away from you to avoid getting burned by spits of hot fat.
  2. Leave the steaks for two minutes without moving and then turn one quarter and cook for a further two minutes. This will create an attractive cross grill pattern.
  3. Turn the steaks over and cook for a further two minutes.
  4. Then move the steaks off the direct coals and cover with the lid, let them cook gently for a further three or four minutes for a perfect medium rare steak.
  5. Leave the steak to rest for 5 – 10 minutes before serving with your favourite accompaniments.

You can also grill your sirloin steak.

Learned the method? Then try these healthy sirloin steak recipes!


Testing How Well Done Your Steak Is

Everyone has their own favourite way of eating steak and it is important to know how well cooked your steak are if your guests around the BBQ are to enjoy themselves.

Judging how to long to cook a steak for is a matter of touch.

Use the flesh on the ball of your thumb to show how meat feels hen it is cooked. Press the flesh and this is how a rare steak feels, thumb and forefinger together show the feel of medium rare,  thumb and middle finger for straight up medium, thumb and ring finger give for medium well and finally thumb and little finger for well done.

Check out this steak times cooking chart as well.

Try other ways of preparing sirloin steak to perfection.

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Cooking Sirloin Steak in a Cast Iron Skillet To Deliciousness!

Frying panSirloin steak is one of the prime cuts of beef.

It is a perfect combination of meat and marbled fat. When it is cooked properly the fat renders out of the meat imparting a rich, deep flavour.

In order to encourage the fat to render, the steak needs exposure to a searing heat that will quickly caramelise the meat at the same time. Cooking sirloin steak in a cast iron pan is one of the best ways of cooking steak.

The skillet gets hot and holds a lot of heat so it does not cool down as the streak cooks. This way, the high temperature is maintained throughout the cooking process so the steak does not steam in its own juices; rather it seals itself and remains juicy inside.

There are a few simple steps that need to be taken to prepare the perfect steak.



Preparations for Cooking Sirloin in a Cast Iron Pan

Just like when you decide to prepare sirloin steak on charcoal bbq, you need to get ready first.

If you cook the steak from the fridge, the outside will be overcooked before the inside is brought to the correct temperature. So, start by removing the sirloin from the refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking. This is enough time to bring the steak to room temperature.

Prepare the steak by trimming off any excess fat from the edge. Ensure you leave a little as this will help impart flavour to the steak.


The Perfect Cast Iron Skillet Sirloin Steak Recipe

Follow these 9 simple steps to cook the perfect sirloin teak in a cast iron skillet:

  1. Preheat the oven. We’ll need to finish the steak inside it, once we have surface browning all sorted. I prefer lower heat – no more than 140C / 285F – because it helps to keep beef tender and juicy. You can also try cooking siroloin steak in oven without using broiling.
  2. Salt, but no pepper. Season the meat with a good amount of flaked salt but not pepper at this stage. Salt will help to develop the flavor of the steak during cooking which is something we are looking for. Pepper is likely to burn during high-heat searing. Add it later while the steak is resting.
  3. Preheat the skillet. High heat is essential for the browning to develop, so go on and heat it up till it starts smoking a little. Wait for another 20 seconds and go to the next step.
  4. Sear the steak. Place the steak in the pan, always away from yourself, without any oil. Leave the steak, don’t move it around, let the skillet do its job. Leaving it stationary will start the maillard reaction.
  5. Flip. After two minutes, turn the steak over. Use a pair of tongs rather than a fork to pick it up as the fork will pierce the steak and cause precious juices to escape. Cook for a further two minutes on the second side.
  6. Remember the sides. Next, turn the steak on its side so that the remaining fat gets cooked and becomes crispy. Around 20 seconds on each side is fine.
  7. Knob of butter. Add a large pat of butter to the skillet; tip it away from you and use a tablespoon to baste the meat in the butter and fat. Complete the process by placing a sprig of thyme on the steak and baste again so that the butter and fat cause flavour from the herb to pass into the steak. Other strong herbs such as tarragon or rosemary will also work.
  8. To the oven. Place the skillet inside the hot oven and leave for a further two minutes. Finally remove the skillet and return it to the stove top burner for the final stage of cooking where you use butter and thyme to part flavour. Don’t want an oven? Try searing sirloin steak on stove top instead.
  9. Check the doneness. You can check to see if your steak is cooked by pressing it lightly with your fingers. Alternatively (and preferably), you should use meat thermometer to check internal temperature and avoid the guesswork. Medium rare is about 57C / 135F.



Here is an optional tip, which you may find convenient, because cast iron skillets take longer to warm up. So, preheat your oven to the highest temperature and place a cast iron skillet in the oven for 10 minutes. Remove the skillet and then place it on a stove top burner. Gas or electric will work perfectly. Turn the gas up and keep heating the skillet until it starts to smoke.



Once cooked, remove the steak and place it on a warm, not hot, plate, in a warm spot, season it with freshly ground pepper and leave it to rest. Resting allows the meat to relax; the muscle that tenses up because of the extreme heat can relax and allow all of the juices back into the meat.

Allow your steak to rest for between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how long you have cooked it for.

Finally cut the steak, on an angle in to three slices and serve with a fresh green salad.

Learned the method? Then try these healthy sirloin steak recipes!


How To Tell if Your Sirloin Is Cooked The Way You Want

Judging how to long to cook a steak for is a matter of touch.

Press the flesh on the ball of your thumb and this is how a rare steak will feel when touched.

Press thumb and forefinger together ad touch to see how medium rare feels, thumb and middle finger for medium, thumb and ring finger for medium well and thumb and little finger for well done.

Steak time chart will also help you.


In case it’s nice and warm outside, why not try grilling sirloin? It’s great for outdoor cooking and the smell…is amazing… Enjoy!

Find other ways to cook sirloin steak.

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How to Grill Sirloin Steak So It’s Real Tasty & Delicious

how-to-grill-sirloin-steak-to-perfectionGrilling the perfect sirloin steak starts well before the grilling. Back at the store, choose a piece of sirloin for its look.

The best steak, dry aged steak is a deep red color. If it is ruby red it is probably wet aged and won’t have as much flavor.

Look out for a marbling of fat throughout the meat. The marbling will give you a great taste when the steak is cooked.

Finally a good steak needs to be between an inch and an inch and a half thick. Thinner than an inch, the steak will dry our as it cooks and thicker than an inch and a half, the inside won’t cook properly.

So armed with the best possible teak, there are only a few simple steps and techniques to learn for the best way to grill sirloin steak! 😉


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When it comes to a perfectly grilled steak, grill is everything!

Check out best gas grills for 2017!



Preparation Of Sirloin Steak Before Grilling is Key

For the best results grilling sirloin steak on a gas grill, preparation is king. Steaks don’t take long to cook so you need to make sure all your preparation is done before you start to grill your steak. Fry your fries, wash your salad, and prepare the dressing before you start to cook the steak.

Remove the steak from the refrigerator 30 minutes before you want to cook, it needs to come up to room temperature so it cooks in the middle without burning the outside.

Turn on the gas on your `grill and let it come up to full temperature, it needs to reach a temperature of between 500 and 600 degrees.

Complete preparation by trimming of excess fat and then seasoning. A little oil and a generous touch of freshly ground pepper are all that is needed at this stage although some great marinade recipes can be found to add even more flavor.


How to Grill a Sirloin Steak Medium Rare

Once the grill is heated follow these 6 simple steps to grill a perfect sirloin steak, medium rare;

  1. Lay the steak on the grill, placing it away from you to avoid any spits and burns.
  2. Close the lid on the grill, this is important as it keeps the temperature high. Your grill needs to be as hot as possible to ensure it seals in all the juices and flavors. A warm grill will steam the steak, making it dry and tough.
  3. After five minutes, open the grill and turn the steak over, it should have a wonderful charred surface.
  4. Close the lid and cook the steak for a further three minutes for medium rare. Test to see if the stake is cooked enough by pressing the meat in the middle of the steak. If it is feels the same as the ball at the base of your thumb it is cooked medium rare.
  5. Take the steak out and leave it to one side on a warm plate for between 5 and ten minutes to rest. Season the steak with salt at this point. This will give you a juicy steak because the meat relaxes and allows the juices back in.
  6. While your steak is breathing crisp off your firs in the fryer and dress your salad.

Related: Preparing sirloin in oven without broiling.


How to Marinate a Sirloin Steak for Grilling

This recipe will also do great for barbecuing sirloin steak. For many people, a marinade is a perfect way to ensure that a steak is tender and also packed with flavour before cooking it on a gas grill. Bottle marinades can be very good at adding flavor to a sirloin but avoid using those with high sugar content such as barbecue flavor, as the sugar can burn on your steak and make it taste bitter.

It is also super easy to make your own marinades. To be effective as a marinade there should be at least one ingredient that helps break down muscle tissue to make it tender. Wine, wine vinegar and citrus juices are perfect for this. Flavor can be added in a number of ways, strong herbs such as thyme or rosemary are perfect, and chopping them up finely helps to release their oils into the marinade for maximum taste. Try this simple marinade out for a tasty alternative to plain grilled sirloin:

  1. Take four tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  2. Crush a clove of garlic and chop into fine pieces
  3. Add two table spoons of lemon juice and the zest from half a lemon
  4. Add two table spoons of finely chopped fresh thyme


Mix all the ingredients together in a large plastic bag, place the steaks in the bag with the marinade and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes, up to two hours for the flavor to infuse and the meat to tenderize before cooking on your gas grill.

Learned the method? Then try these healthy sirloin steak recipes!


You can also try cooking top sirloin steak on stove or prepare it using cast iron skillet.

Find more about cooking sirloin steak.

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How To Cook Sirloin Steak So It’s Tender, Juicy and…Delicious

Here we show how to cook sirloin steak using different cooking methods.




All Cooking Methods

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1. Sear Top Sirloin on Stove

By the end of this article you should gain the knowledge that will allow you to pan sear a perfect sirloin every time.


So, preheat your skillet, get the steak to room temperature and see how to sear top sirloin on stove.

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2. Top Sirloin on Stove & Oven

Cooking top sirloin in pan and oven to medium-rare is easy.

Preheat the oven, heat up the skillet, quickly sear the steak on stove & finish it in oven…

See how to cook top sirloin on stove and finish it in oven to medium-rare in details.


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2. Sear in Cast Iron Skillet

Try to sear sirloin in cast iron skillet – it will help to get a nice touch of browning, flavor and grill marks.

This type of skillets takes a good bit of time when warming up, so take your time and see…

How to cook sirloin steak in cast iron skillet.


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3. Grilling

Grilling the perfect sirloin steak starts well before the grilling.

Back at the store, choose a piece of sirloin for its look…

See how to grill sirloin steak.


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4. Baking in Oven Without Broiling

This time I am going to show you how to cook sirloin steak in the oven without actually broiling it there…

Bake sirloin steak in oven without broiling.


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5. BBQ Medium-Rare & Well-Done

Sirloin steak is a perfect meat to cook on the barbecue.

The mix of marbled fat will ensure that the meat is full of flavor and remains juicy if you follow a few simple cooking tips…

How to BBQ sirloin steak medium-rare & well-done.



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What Is Beef Sirloin Steak?

Sirloin steak means a slightly different thing in different countries.

In the US sirloin is a steak cut from the rear part of the animal, right above tenderloin, where filet mignons are taken from.

In the UK and Australia sirloin actually stands for the exact part on the animal – the upper middle.

In either way, sirloin is quality cut which is both, tender and flavorful.

You can also find a cut called ‘top sirloin’, which is considered to be of better quality and higher price. I like to cook top sirloin on the stove top.


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The Idea Behind Cooking A Perfect Sirloin Steak

Generally speaking, we want to cook sirloin steak at maximum heat as quickly as possible.

The ‘maximum heat’ bit refers to cooking at very high temperatures, using direct heat (e.g. pan-searing, grilling etc).

As already mentioned, the sirloin steak, just like any other cut of beef, will lose juices from the inside during any type of cooking, especially at a very high temperature.

Hence we want to minimize it as much as we can by reducing the ‘maximum heat’ ass much as we can.


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And The Method Itself

The trick, when using high heat cooking method, is to just get the browning on the surface of sirloin steak. This will usually take around 3 minutes for the entire piece.

Once you have done it, you need to slowly bring up the inside temperature of the steak to the desired level of doneness. That means you would need to use the oven at a very low temperature. I recommend not going over 120C / 250F.

It will take a bit more time, but it is definitely worth it. Not only it tastes better, but it’s also healthier, since you won’t be ‘killing’ that expensive sirloin steak on your skillet, thus reducing the free radical load.

Now that you know the ‘secret’ of cooking a tender, juicy and delicious sirloin steak, I invite you to try these cooking methods below.

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How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak On Stove So It’s Tasty, Juicy and Tender

This time I am going to guide you, step by step, and explain how to cook top sirloin steak on stove so it’s juicy and tender! This article is a part of my sirloin steak series, where I describe other ways to cook this juicy cut.

Top sirloin comes right from the upper middle of the cow and…it’s pretty delicious and flavorful to begin with. Having said that, many people still mess it up (I bet you know one or two).

So, why don’t we jump right into it?


You will need:

  • 8 oz top sirloin
  • knob of unsalted organic grass-fed butter
  • flaked or Kosher salt
  • heavy skillet (forged aluminium is very good)
  • pair of tongs (for flipping)

Got it? Let’s prepare top sirloin in skillet!


How To Cook Top Sirloin Steak On Stove Top In 9 Steps


1. Get the right skillet. I know, I did mention the skillet right above, but in order for you to succeed, I need to mention the following: make sure you have the right size skillet!

It must be big and thick enough in order to accumulate heat, required for searing meat.

Also make sure that the bottom is FLAT. If it’s bumpy or concave, the heat from the stove top will not be able to efficiently spread along, making any steak a mess. Good choice is then to cook sirloin steak on cast iron skillet, but it is not a must.

Got the skillet fixed? Great – continue on!


2. Room temperature. A typical guideline stands at around 20 mins… And that’s not enough. For me 40 minutes is a minimum. Larger cuts and roasts would require up to 2 hours or even more!

The room temperature thing helps for two reasons.

First, the skillet doesn’t cool down quickly, when you put steak inside, so you can actually sear it to develop that Maillard reaction (browning).

Second, it takes less time to prepare and it’s not cold on the inside, when you start eating it (especially true for blue – medium-rare levels of doneness).


3. Add some cooking oil and heat up the skillet. Many people don’t add oil, because top sirloin steak is quite fatty to begin with. Browning develops nicely without it, but if you watch your calories, avoid adding extra fat – there isn’t that much use in it (unless you are making a sauce afterwards).

Even though fat is not part of Maillard reaction, it really helps to get the surface browning right, so I encourage you to add a tablespoon of coconut oil (one of the best choices, when it comes to high-heat cooking).

Alternatives would include olive oil (not extra virgin) and butter (more on it later).

So, once you added some sort of cooking fat, start heating up the skillet (the sequence is important) to medium-high heat – until it only starts smoking.

If you avoided using fat, simply heat up the pan until it eventually starts smoking a bit (even clean skillets do).


4. Pat dry and season steak with salt. Paper towels are great for pat drying. Please avoid toilet paper, since it totally loves sticking to meat’s surface (I tried)… And why pat dry?

Excessive moisture from the surface gets absorbed- it helps to get much better browning much quicker, keeping steak tender at the same time.

When it comes to salting, stay liberal, but only use Kosher or flaked salt!!! Pounding a whole lot of table salt on beef is no good, since it will deteriorate the surface without penetrating any deeper.

You may also choose to add pepper, but I’d leave it till it’s all ready. There is a rumor that pepper burns at high heat…just so that you know. 🙂


5. Wait till the skillet starts smoking. Then count till 20 and put your steak inside. Sizzling sound should follow right after – that’s boiling water quickly evaporating.

Now we need to understand the following. And that’s the key idea:

Slightly under medium-rare level of doneness is the way to go, if you are chasing the most tender, rich, juicy, seductive and minion steak in the world.

A bit too rare – it’s chewy. A bit overcooked – it’s flavorless. You get it. 😉

There is a number of ways to check the doneness level.


6. Flip the steak. There are two ways of doing it.

First, Heston Blumenthal’s fast-flipping technique, when you would turn the steak every 30-40 seconds. It speeds up cooking, making it more even as well.

Second, the “flip once” technique by Gordon Ramsay. Simple as it is – sear for ~3 minutes on one side, flip and repeat for the second side.

I do something in between – cook each side for ~90 seconds. So I get a total of 4 flips in total (for rare – medium-rare state).

Looking for gorgeous grill marks? See how to grill sirloin steak to perfection or bbq sirloin on charcoal/gas.


7. Add the butter. It really makes a huge difference for top sirloin steak, just like any other cut.

So, if you are up for this, when you are half-way through the cooking process, slightly reduce the stove top temperature and add a beautiful spoonful of butter.

Then tilt the skillet slightly and baste your steak with the drippings-butter mixture. It will further help with browning and the flavor…mmm…seriously worth an extra gym session, if you are calorie-conscious! 😉

By the way, you can also add things like rosemary and crushed garlic at this stage as well.


8. Rest the steak. Once time runs out and you feel it’s nearly ready, transfer the steak on the plate, cover it with tin foil and let it rest for 3-5 minutes.

Resting helps to “calm down” the steak, so it won’t burst with juices, when you cut it. It’s a great way to preserve all that flavor we developed the hard way…

Tin foil stops the surface from cooling down too quickly, but, if you don’t have it, use the oven instead – simply preheat it to 50C / 120F and leave it inside with the plate. It’s an awesome way to keep the steak warm, if you need to prepare a side or a sauce.

You can also prepare sirloin steak in oven without broiling.


9. Remember that pan drippings are an awesome base for a sauce (especially if you added that knob of butter). Add minced scallions and mushrooms to get a real quick, easy and reallytasty sauce.

Or use drippings as a salad dressing, mixing them with lime/lemon juice.

Explore and enjoy!


Learned the method? Then try these healthy sirloin steak recipes!



I hope this guide on how to cook top sirloin steak on stove helped you out.

Have a question? Leave a comment!