Top-7 Cheapest Places To Buy Grass-Fed Beef Online In The US

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Grass-fed meat is great for your health and well-being. It’s a rich source of CLA, better omega 3-6 ratio and other vital nutrients.

It’s also a more friendly and sustainable way of production when compared with a typical conventional style.

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However, truth be said, it’s often quite expensive…

That’s why I decided to make this short list and assist you with reducing unnecessary expenses.

I also came up with ‘Filet Mignon Index (FMI)’ – the price per 8oz of filet mignon (a.k.a. tenderloin / fillet steak), to make the comparison easier. It’s like a benchmark!

At the end of the list you will find more ideas on how you can save money when ordering online.

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And now – let’s check out the list!


Top-7 Cheapest Places To Buy Grass-Fed Beef Online


1. GreatWisconsinSteakCo

It’s a small-ish store that I only found recently. Their meat comes from small family farms which is a great path for sustainability.

Here is something I particularly enjoyed reading about them: “No growth hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, chemical herbicides or pesticides are used. Just good old fashioned rotational grazing“.

I really love seeing things like that, but…back to their steaks!

Their choice of grass fed beef is VERY limited now that I am writing this and only has two options:

  1. Starter Pack for $99
  2. Family Pack for $199 (you can save $40 if you choose to subscribe for the pack)

Depending on the pack, you will find between 4 steaks (3 lbs in total) for the Starter Pack and 7-10 steaks (6 lbs in total) for the Family Pack.

The cool part…the steaks are PRE-PREPARED using sous vide and flash frozen so they stay as fresh as possible.

They are cooked to medium-rare doneness so you can just thaw the thing and throw it on a skillet or just give it a quick broil to finish on the outside.

Here is what they are committed to:

  • Animals humanely raised on pastures
  • No growth hormones, antibiotics or GMOS used
  • Never fed grain or animal by-products
  • Born, raised and harvested in the USA
  • No chemical herbicides or pesticides used on pastures

They only ship on Mondays and Wednesdays so make sure you are ready for the weekend.



Try and check it out – this place offers great prices…along with great quality (I mean, it’s grass-fed!).

Pay attention to the whole delivery process thing and enter the correct address or someone else would be delighted to receive your grass-fed meat!

You should also know that, at the time of writing, these guys can only ship on Tuesdays.

There is no filet mignon, but there is tenderloin steak (same thing really) priced at $15.10 for 16oz, that’s why FMI is $7.55.



Looking for quick shipping? Grasslandbeef might be an option for you! From what I hear, their delivery is pretty fast. Meat arrives frozen and carefully packaged – exactly what it has to be. However you can still go on and choose fresh meat instead. Sounds good.

FMI: $11.13

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Good place for getting not only organic grass-fed steak, but other things like poultry and seafood.

Nationwide shipping is available. It’s especially good, when you are looking for your stuff to get delivered to the western part of the US. Check it out!

FMI: $15.89



Don’t let the website scare you off (at least at the time of writing it doesn’t look appealing)! This place even offers fatty acid analysis of their steak (which boils down to omega-6:3 at 0.89:1), so it’s definitely worth having a look at.

They guarantee absolutely no grain and the price is good. If you are in the US mainland, you get it delivered for free!

FMI: $13.63



A farm in Georgia, this place looks fantastic. They offer beef packages (a.k.a. value packs) as well as individually cut steaks, so it’s up to you what to choose. You can even get an entire grass-fed cow (!!!), which works out to be at $6.49 per lb.

Guys only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but that’s enough time to stock up for the week!

FMI: $15.36



These folks see being called “old-fashioned” as a compliment and, I think, it speaks for itself. A small, family-run business, this place is great, especially if you are located close to them (which is in Arkansas).

I am not sure if they deliver nation-wide, but the price I found indicates that it’s at least worth checking.

FMI: $10

Looking for more companies that deliver steaks online in your area? Try Eatwild and see who is available in your area.

Still need more ways to save when buying beef online? Try cow-pooling or, in other words, buying beef in bulk!.


I hope you found this list of the cheapest places to buy steak online handy!

Know a place yourself? Share it in the comments below! And, as always, any questions are welcome too.

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