How to Broil Chuck Eye Steak in Electric Oven Tender – 6 Steps

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This manual explains how to broil chuck eye steak in electric oven so it’s tender and delicious.

We’ll be broiling without broiler pan, so you don’t need to have one.


  • Part 1: Ingredients & Tools for Broiling
  • Part 2: Broiling Chuck Eye Steak in Electric Oven in 6 Steps




Part 1: Ingredients & Tools for Broiling

Our goal here, at SteakEat, is to show you the actual method – how to broil steak.

That’s why we use a very simple set of ingredients and tools.

Ingredients include:

  • 8oz / 230g thick chuck eye steak
  • Kosher/flaked salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

With the following oven broiling tools:

  • Oven grill rack
  • Dripping pan
  • Meat temperature probe
  • Paper towels
  • Tin foil
  • Meat tongs

Ready? Let’s SteakEat!

Part 2: Broiling Chuck Eye Steak in Electric Oven in 6 Steps

Did you know that conventional home oven broilers can only reproduce a fraction of power when compared to the ones owned by restaurants and steakhouses? We are talking 550F vs 2200F on average…

It means that your oven broiler will need more time to develop browning on the steak’s surface.

The problem that arises then is how to NOT overcook your chuck eye while broiling it in oven.

To avoid that, we are going to do these 2 things:

  1. Broil a thick slice of chuck eye steak.
  2. We’ll cook it right from the fridge – without letting it reach room temperature first.

These two tricks will allow your oven broiler to develop that browning I was talking about, while NOT overcooking the inside.

Here is the method in more details.

Before You Start…

Chuck steak can be a fairly tough so I do recommend using a needle tenderizer (see it in our store here). You can also check out some of the meat tenderizer reviews for other options.

Step 1: Get the Broiler Running

Open up the oven door and get the broiler on to max heat.

The door will stay opened for the entire broiling process, because we need to sear the steak’s sides using the grill-like heating element.

Then take a sheet of tin foil and place it on to the dripping tray, followed by placing it on the lowest rack inside the oven

Step 2: Chuck Eye Seasoning

Take your steak and put it in the middle of the oven grill rack.

Pat the chuck eye dry with paper towels – this helps with browning (a.k.a. Maillard reaction), because dry surface gets grilled faster.

Now season it with 2-3 pinches of Kosher salt.

At this stage you will only need to apply it to one side (the one that is turned to the broiler inside the oven).

Avoid seasoning with pepper now, because it will burn during high heat oven broiling. We’ll be adding it later, once the steak is ready.

Step 3: Broil the Chuck Eye Steak

The broiler will take a couple of minutes to heat up – you will see it red-hot, if you look inside the oven.

Once you notice the thermostat light going off every once in a while (it means the maximum temperature has been achieved), place the grill rack with the steak on it inside the oven – as close as possible to the heating element, but without actually touching it.

Our goal is still the same – develop Maillard reaction on the chuck’s surface without overcooking the middle.

My oven takes around 5-7 minutes to per side to achieve the browning I like, but your’s might be different, so watch out.

If you feel like the browning develops before those 5-7 minutes run out, go to the next step.

Otherwise wait for another 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Flip, Salt & Probe

Once the steak is ready on one side, flip it around. This is when meat tongs come in handy…

Now check the inside temperature with the meat probe – we are going for medium-rare level of doneness 130F / 55C, so you should be a few degrees away from it.

Then use salt for seasoning side #2 and continue broiling for another 5-7 minutes.

Step 5: Check Doneness & Finish in Oven

Once ready take your chuck eye steak out and see its temperature again.

If it’s already at medium-rare level (or more), you are done – go to the final step.

If it’s still undercooked (i.e. below 130F / 55C), you have two options.

  1. Enjoy your steak as it is – slightly on the rare side (my choice; skip to next step).
  2. Finish steak in oven to reach medium-rare or even medium doneness level.

To finish chuck eye in oven, you will need to switch the oven into the standard heating mode and set the temperature to 275F / 135C with the fan on (or 300F  / 150C with the fan off).

Once it’s ready, put your steak back inside and watch its inside temperature going up slowly.

The slower it goes up, the more tender and juicy your chuck eye will be, so be patient.

I always recommend using temperature probe to avoid guesswork and get perfect results every time.

Depending on where you were and where you are going, oven finishing process might take 15-30 minutes.

Step 6: Rest & Cut It

Finally, transfer the steak on to a cutting board or a plate, covering it with tin foil for 3-5 minutes.

We do this to let the inside juices to stabilize – it helps to keep the juices inside, when you cut your chuck eye.

To keep it tender, cut across the grain (i.e. across muscle fibers) and enjoy!

Happy Steaks,


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