How to Cook Chuck Roast in Oven With Oven Bag

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For all the beef lovers out there, chuck roast is one succulent dish to get your taste buds tingling.

Although many might be put off by the idea of cooking chuck roast at home, owing to its lengthy cooking time, the process isn’t that hard if you have got some good cooking tricks up your sleeve.

Here I divulge all my secrets to cooking a tender and flavorful chuck roast in an oven or oven bag.

The chuck meat generally tends to be a bit tough because the chuck is located in the shoulder area of the beef. The best way thus, is to cook the meat slowly.

The little trick to keep the chuck roast tender and to cook it all the way through is to keep the roast moist throughout the cooking period. Here is where the oven bag plays its part!

The oven bag helps lock the moisture and thus tenderize the meat by breaking down all the tough fibers in it.

Moreover, the oven bag has a number of additional benefits. It’s versatile, convenient and very easy to clean up.

So invite your friends for a lovely Sunday lunch and serve them one delicious chuck roast, which they will remember for a long time!


Things you need in order to prepare a slow cook beef chuck roast in oven with oven bag:

  1. Salt
  2. Pepper
  3. Fresh or dried herbs ( your choice- both are equally good)
  4. Vegetables (chuck roast in oven with potatoes and carrots is yummy!)
  5. Beef broth
  6. Roasting pan
  7. Knife
  8. Fork
  9. Scissors
  10. Meat thermometer
  11. Serving plates


How To Cook Chuck Roast In Oven Bag In 9 Steps:

Remember to remove the roast from the oven well before cooking it in oven. Anywhere from 40 minutes up to 2 hours is enough to gently warm it up to the room temperature.


Step 1: Side by side, season the chuck roast with a dash of salt and pepper, along with your choice of fresh or dried herbs such as sage, thyme or rosemary.


Step 2: Carefully place the bag in a large roasting pan. Ideally, the depth of the pan should be 3 to 4 inches.


Step 3: Place the chuck roast in the bag. If you want to, you can add the vegetables beside the chuck roast. These can include 1-inch thick chunks of onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, turnips, minced garlic, celery and mushrooms.


Step 4: Now it’s time to add some liquid to really tenderize the meat.

You can add some water or better yet, some beef broth to add flavor to your dish.

You can also use some tomato sauce, wine or beer instead of the broth. It is completely up to you.

As for the exact quantity of liquid to be added, you should use about half cup for a large oven bag.


Step 5: Now close the bag tightly with the heatproof tie that comes with the oven bag.

Then take a knife or fork, and with its tip, make about four to six half-inch slits in the bag. Now tuck the ends of the bag securely into the pan so that the bag doesn’t hang over the sides of the pan and get spoiled.


Step 6: Preheat the oven to 150C / 300 degrees Fahrenheit and place the pan on the lower rack.

Make sure to allow a space of at least 8 inches around the sides of the pan as the bag will expand as it cooks.  Also, be careful that the bag doesn’t touch the sides of the oven or the upper oven rack – burning plastic is not good.


Step 7: Let the chuck roast cook in the oven until the moment when the meat thermometer inserted in the bag shows a reading of at least 145 F for medium-well. The cooking time for the chuck roast in the oven is approximately 2 hours for a 1.5 to 2.5 pound roast, or 3 hours for a 2.5 to 5 pound roast.

Check steak doneness level and steak cooking times for better results.


Step 8: Carefully remove the pan from the oven with a pair of oven gloves. Let the meat to stand for about 10 minutes to stabilize the juices inside.

Then proceed to open the bag by slicing of the top with a pair of scissors.


Step 9: Transfer the chuck roast to a serving plate alongside the vegetables. Cut into pieces and serve hot.

Tip: Keep the steak warm for longer by heating up the plates in the oven before serving.


Now that you’ve seen how to cook chuck roast in oven with oven bag, you may decide to improve the surface browning and quickly sear each side of the roast for about 2 minutes each.

Enjoy the golden crust!

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