How To Cook Healthy Steak In Skillet: 6 Tricks To Use

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Many people just like me are wondering how to cook steak so it’s healthy and nutritious.

I realized just recently that I use a wide array of little tricks while cooking steak in pan so to make sure it’s as healthy as possible.

These techniques, once added up, will vastly improve your average steak in terms of quality and, as a result, your health.

And a great thing about these is that they are tiny little details, so you can implement them right away. Without further introduction…

Six tips to cook a healthy steak recipe on stove top.


1. Organic grass-fed. Whenever possible, opt for organic grass-fed beef, since the difference in quality is huge.

Not only the flavor is superior, but by going organic grass-fed you choose beef that is free from hormones, antibiotics and pesticide residue. You receive a stack of antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for your body’s normal functioning.

Try going organic grass-fed all the time, but if that’s not possible for whatever reason, opt for lean cuts with as little fat as possible – all the crap is accumulated in the adipose tissue, so it’s better to avoid the fatty cuts once they are conventional.


2. Marinate. Feel up your marinades with herbs (thyme, rosemary etc.) and extra virgin olive oil. Antioxidants contained in these ingredients help to fight free radicals which inevitably form during high heat searing in skillet. They help to preserve tissue and also develop flavor.

3. Don’t overcook. It applies to both, overcooking beef as such and burning it during cooking. Both are associated with unhealthy outcomes (read cancer).

Well done meat is less healthy than medium-rare, so you might reconsider your attitude towards overcooked steak if you are in the well-done camp. 😉

Burning steak is obviously not a great idea either, so watch out when you use sugar and/or honey in your marinades – it will burn much easier.


4. Skillet quality. Have you ever bought cheap skillet that, once you warm it up, starts leaching chemical smell into the air? Perhaps it also deformed after a while…

So cheap quality skillets like these can be quite harmful, especially if heated to a very high temperature – just what we do when cook steak. Opt for quality skillet that is made of cast iron, quality steel or, my favorite, forged aluminium.


5. Use metal tongs. Plastic or silicone spatulas are no good for when it comes to flipping steak when it’s searing. Wide range of commercially available plastics have been shown to leach endocrine disrupting chemicals. We don’t want these in a healthy steak, so no plastics AND oven bags.


6. Veggies. Healthy steak is even healthier with a wide range of antioxidant-containing vegetables. Mix fresh and cooked veggies, coupled with garlic and (ideally) freshly ground herbs for a super healthy mix. Simple and effective!


These are simple strategies I use when cooking a healthy steak on stove top.

Have you anything to share? Leave a comment below!


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