Cooking Time For Rib Eye Steak

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image via Flickr: numb3r
image via Flickr: numb3r

How long does it take to prepare a ribeye steak?

Of course it all depends on things like thickness, temperature used, cooking method and level of doneness you are aiming for… That’s why it is SO tricky to actually give a valid prediction that works.

Having that in mind, I came up with 4 tables that will help you get started and make necessary changes as you become more experienced!

All of them take 2 things into account: thickness (in inches) and level of doneness. So they are really easy to use, once you know how thick the cut is and what doneness level you are looking for.

The numbers in the boxes are “minutes per side“. So, for example, if it says “5.5″, it means “5 and a half minutes per side” and then, after you flip, it’s another 5 minutes 30 seconds.

This is applies to every cooking method except for oven-roasting at 400F, where you won’t need to flip or turn the steak, so the numbers in the boxes are the total times.

Please also note that these cooking times are still estimates and you should probably consider them as reference points. But they are really good to start with!

To your steak success! 🙂



How Long To Grill A Rib Eye For


* So, if you are wondering, how long to grill a 1/2 inch ribeye, the answer is in your first column, depending on the level of doneness you are looking for.


How Long To Broil A Ribeye For



How Long To Pan-Fry Ribeyehow-long-does-it-take-to-pan-fry-steak-on-stove-top-in-skillet


How Long To Bake Ribeye At 400F


Please see the original steak cooking times article for more details.


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