Interesting Filet Mignon Recipes Nice & Easy

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Having decided to cook filet mignon you might find yourself a little bit “stumbled” – what shall I do with this quite extravagant steak?

This is where I would love to help you get started (since that’s all we need most of the time). I have tried a number of different ideas and you are welcome to follow my suggestions below.

Make sure to check all the materials to get the most benefit. Enjoy!

Filet Mignon…

What is it really? Where does it come from?

Mignon is cut from a muscle called Tenderloin. It’s pretty much “just hanging there”, not doing much. Because of that unique lack of activity it is so tender!

It also has many different names (e.g. fillet steak, chateaubriand…). And there are rumors that some less honest butchers can trick their customers by using petite tender medallions, cut from a very similar to tenderloin muscle.

How To Cook Filet Mignon (On Stove Top)

The genius is in details! And that really applies to everything, including our recipes J.

Perfectly cooked steak, with all the joyfulness, richness and tenderness kept inside, will highlight any recipe.

Mignon is a delicate cut, which requires respective treatment. It’s cooked in a couple of moments and best done to rare – medium-rare. And now I invite you to see…

How to cook tenderloin steak on the stove.

Stove Top Filet Mignon Recipes

After learning so much about the cut and ways to cook it, I think, it’s time to try the skill in action and get some filet mignon recipes done! Do you agree?

As always, there are tons of different ideas and theories I encourage you to try and test.

Perhaps the easiest (but not simplest) way to start is with cooking on stove top. You really don’t require much – quality non-stick skillet is all really…well, coupled with a bit of creativity on top J.

As for now, please, come on in and see what we got to offer.

Sauce Recipes

New, marvelous and, most importantly, tasty filet mignon recipes can come from…sauces!

I do it like this: prepare an extraordinary (see how to cook it above) fillet steak, make around 3-4 healthy sauces, depending on how many people are coming for my SteakNight. Then I cut the whole piece into slices and let the guests choose the sauces themselves.

Later I collect the feedback and improve the recipes if necessary.

I encourage you to see what sauce recipes we have accumulated so far and try them.

Healthy Garnishes

Just like the sauces above, side dishes can seriously lift up your overall experience from the already excellent meal you’ve prepared.

This is why I believe that making an awesome and healthy garnish food can really make a huge difference. After all, it’s not steak that’s unhealthy – it’s sauces (already addressed above) and side dishes (think of traditional deep fried potato chips =/).

Join me and reach for healthier side dishe recipes.

It’s in my best intention to show you what can be done with a bit of steak innovation, topped with creativity sauce =).

Please note that our collection of healthy steak recipes is growing (bit by bit), so come back from time to time.

Happy steaks!

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