The Complete Guide to Beef & Steak Cooking

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If you are looking to cook a tender, juicy & succulent steak EVERY SINGLE TIME, then you are very lucky, because…

You are the right place!

My name is Artem and I am a steak chef.

I started cooking steaks back in 2009 when I first heard of now famous Paleo diet.

After cooking a ton of steaks (quite literally, I must add 😎 ), I realized that I am pretty good at it.

I was also into online marketing.

It didn’t take long before I created SteakEat (you can read the whole story here).

Now I understand you might have your beef sitting right beside you, so I better wrap it up…

Now, here is a “nav map” for you with some quick explanations of what is what.

Enjoy! 😉


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