The 5 Things You Need To Know To Cook A Really Juicy Steak

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What does it take to prepare a really juicy steak? Not much to be honest! You just need to be aware about certain things…

Below you will find a list of 5 points you need to be aware of to make that succulent steak a reality every time. You will also find related and suggested material, which I invite you to follow!

Let’s steakeat!


Making A Juicy Steak – It’s All About Beef…Really

No matter how, where and why – it all starts with buying the meat…the right type! So, which characteristics help to make that juicy steak a reality?

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These 5 tips will help you out!


1. Choose the appropriate cut for each cooking method.

If you are looking for a juicy, flavorful steak, I encourage you to go for fattier cuts.

Fat, when heated, starts melting and acts as a natural lubricant, enhancing the flavor of high-quality beef at all levels. So the ideal cuts are:

  • rib eye
  • strip loin (a.k.a. top loin)
  • t-bone
  • porterhouse
  • filet mignon (i.e. tenderloin)

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However less popular (and less expensive) cuts will also work just as well . You hust need to marinate them! Here is the list:

  • chuck eye
  • tri-tip
  • top sirloin
  • shoulder top blade
  • flat iron
  • shoulder tender medallions
  • round tip

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What is the juice coming from steak?

The reddish liquid coming out from beef is not blood, so it’s technically not correct to ask for “bloody steak” in a restaurant. So what is it? The substance is called myoglobin and it’s contained in the muscles of the majority of all mammals.



2. Organic & Grass-fed is a great choice.

Why organic meat is better for you? There is a number of reasons…

The claim ‘organic’ means that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used in the food, eaten by the animal. It also means that no routine use of growth hormones (banned in the EU) nor antibiotics is allowed. This is a very strict standard.

Even though, as it claimed, these chemicals do not have any negative consequences for humans (hmmm…), we don’t want to use them for one major reason – they lack flavor.

A cow on steroids grows so quickly, there is not enough time for it to accumulate enough collagen, which is the source of the truly meaty flavor, in the muscles.

Of course, there is a slight trade off with the tenderness, but it’s not that dramatic and you will most likely not notice it!

The next big thing is grass-fed. Why is it so good for you?

The answer is here


3. Avoid Dry-Aged Meat.

Dry-aged or matured (also called ‘hanged’) meat is left in a special, temperature and humidity controlled, room for a number of days/weeks (e.g. 21 day aged/matured).

This careful process allows some of the moisture to evaporate from the steak, making the flavor more concentrated. Even though many butchers claim that there is nothing hard about it, many screw up. You know it when you feel slightly rotten flavor. Not nice.

Besides that, as the moisture evaporates, we naturally lose the juices, even though the steak becomes more tender (the protein-breaking enzymes are in action).

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Hence, in order to cook a juicy steak, I would avoid dry-aged meat this time.

4. Marinade…maybe.

Even though marinating does add juiciness and enhances the flavor, it’s the steak that you prepare – see if you really need one. Especially if you are using any of the higher-end, more expensive cuts – they are all tender and juicy right at the start.

Definitely avoid using salt in the marinade, since it sucks the moisture out, leaving the cut drier than it could have been. We don’t want that to happen.

Need more marinating tips and advice? Please visit this link.


5. Choose the cooking method wisely.

Overcooking – main reason for not getting tender, juicy and succulent steak. Cooking techniques below will help you out.


Steak In Oven: Medium-rare

Want a tender steak cooked in oven?

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Cook A Juicy Buttery Steak On The Skillet

Want to use stove top instead?

Check it out.


Broiling In The Oven

Decided to use the broiler in the oven?

I’ll help you out.


Cook On The Stove – Finish In The Oven

An awesome way to combine the flavor with tenderness!

Try it yourself.


I hope you found this quick tip on how to cook a juicy tender steak informative and practical!

Please let me know how it all went in the comments below. Any questions?

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