How to Cook Rib Eye Steak Using Different Cooking Methods

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If you wonder how to cook rib eye steak using different cooking methods, then you are in the right place.

My name is Artem and I am an expert when it comes to cooking steaks.

I literally cooked tons of steaks and helped thousands to get that thing perfectly done every single time.


How to Cook Rib Eye Steak Like a Boss

artem-steak-cooking-masterRib eye steak is an expensive cut and that’s why we need to treat it with extra care.

Below you find several techniques that you could use to cook rib eye steak.

They contain brief descriptions, so that you have an idea what to expect before picking the one.

Here is what we got:


#1 Sear Rib Eye on Stove Top

How to cook a perfect rib eye steak on stove top?

It all starts with heating up the right skillet and preparing everything beforehand.

Once it’s done, place the steak inside and sear it for a few minutes.

Flip and repeat the process until it’s done to your liking.


#2 Searing on Stove Top & Finishing in Oven

Stove-oven method is a combination of the above technique with the oven.

Why is it good?

Because it helps to get a super tender delicious steak, even if it’s really thick.

You would start just like before with searing your rib eye at high heat, but for much less time – just enough for the surface browning to develop.

After that’s done, you place your steak right inside the heated oven where it’s finished at lower less intense heat.

This helps to keep all the tenderness and juices inside the steak.


#3 Cook Rib Eye in Cast Iron Skillet

How to cook tender rib eye steak in cast iron pan?

Heat up your cast iron skillet – this is your first and most crucial step.

Unlike modern alloys, cast iron takes ages to warm up and you need to be patient.

Once it’s heat up, it stay hot and that’s the beauty of it.

It helps to produce amazingly browned steaks and it’s great for rib eyes!


#4 Sous Vide Rib Eye

Could you ever believe that for a restaurant-class steak, all you need is a plastic food bag and a bit of warm water?

That’s what this cooking method is all about!


#5 Oven Broil Rib Eye

Broiling is quite similar to grilling with one difference…it’s all about doing it in electric oven using the heating element on its ‘ceiling’.

Home oven broiling is a bit tricky, because conventional broilers are not very powerful.

However with a bit of skill, it’s totally doable.


#6 Cook Rib Eye Slowly in Oven

‘Low & slow’ approach for baking beef in oven is quite amazing at keeping most of its tenderness and juices inside the cut.

If you are tired of overcooking and drying out your steak, this is a method for you!


#7 How to Tenderize Rib Eye Without a Mallet

Don’t want to destroy your rib eye with a mallet?

See how to make it tenderer using one or all 3 ways I suggest – marinating, slow oven cooking and only cooking it to medium-rare doneness.

P.S. What is your favorite rib eye cooking method?

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