6 Ways of Cooking Steak in Oven

Last Updated: 19 OCT 2017

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Here I show how to cook steak in oven using different techniques.

Below you will find (scroll to see):

  1. Low-Heat
  2. Medium-Heat
  3. High-Heat
  4. Oven Broiling
  5. Sous Vide in Oven
  6. Cook on Stove & Finish in Oven



Gradual temperature increase helps to preserve all the tenderness and flavor inside the meat, turning your meal into a pure joy (that’s what I feel all the time).
This cooking method works with any type of steak.



Get the best of two worlds – cook steak in less time, while preserving most of its tenderness and flavor.
Works for most steak cuts.



If you are looking to avoid using skillets and just go with oven-cooking (suppose you don’t want to have a massive cleanup afterwards), this method is just what you need.
We will first cook the steak at low heat and then bring up the temperature to 400F and finish it up in the oven to get the surface browning right.


Oven Broiling

A typical conventional oven broiler is a heating element, which is located on the oven’s “ceiling” (good explanation, don’t you think? :) ).
It kind of resembles grilling, but…ordinary home broilers are not as nearly as powerful as chefs use for steakhouse steaks. As a result people end up overcooking meat and drying it out completely.
With a bit of trial and error I managed to resolve that issue and now I am glad to offer it to you.


Sous Vide in Oven

This method is, arguably, the most commonly used, when it comes to round steak.
The guide you are about to check out is an attempt to get into the most detail, so you can finally cook the perfect round steak.


Cook on Stove & Finish in Oven

The method is ideal for cheaper and less tender cuts, like round steak, as it helps to preserve their tenderness.
This technique is also good for larger steaks and roasts, which are especially tricky to pan-fry.

How Long To Cook Steak In Oven?

This is probably the most asked question…and the answer is – it depends (I know, you hate me already).
Few things to take into account:
Steak thickness & size
Desired doneness level
Oven temperature used (e.g. 350F or 400F)
Type of oven cooking (e.g. roasting vs broiling)
Prior marinating (marinades reduce cooking time)
Once you know what you start with, you need to know where you are going. What type of doneness are you looking for? Here is the list:
Blue rare – 116F
Rare – 120F
Medium rare – 126F
Medium – 135F
Medium well – 145F
Well-done – 150F +
Ideally you will need an instant read thermometer, so to avoid disappointment and frustration. It’s simple to use, safe and inexpensive.

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