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How To Sear Steak On Stove And Then Bake It In Oven

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Pro Tip: If you have no time and want (i.e. need) the steak badly, I suggest you use a microwave. Set the lowest power (not defrost setting) and put the steak on a plate. Run the microwave for a few (3-5) seconds. Open up the door and flip the steak. You will notice that the side that touches the plate warms up quicker. This is why we do the flipping every 3-5 seconds – so it doesn’t cook in the microwave. We only need to warm it up. Repeat until the steak is slightly warm. Then proceed to the next step.


sea salt in wooden bowl and spoon2. Pat dry the steak using paper towels. Please avoid using toilet paper. “Studies” showed that it sticks to steak and is hard to get rid of afterwards. If you have no paper towels ignore this step altogether, but get them for the next time!

Pat drying really helps steak browning when you pan sear it on stove top or broil it in oven.



3. Heat up the oven. Switch on the oven and bring it up to 130C / 265F with the fan on (150C / 300F without the fan).

Some people might wonder – why such a low temperature? To keep it short, this temperature is ideal to keep steak moist and tender, while not overcooking it. For a more detailed outline see this page on making steak in oven.

I recommend you prepare an oven tray and cover it with a layer of tin foil. It will help you reduce your cleaning procedures after you are done cooking – the steak will not stick to the tray.


4. Season the steak. Now that we are using a simple salt-only recipe, sprinkle a generous amount of coarse salt on the steak. I prefer using flaked salt instead of Kosher, because grain particles are even larger, so I can put even more of it (volume-wise) on the steak.

As for now, don’t use pepper – it will burn on the skillet at high heat. You are unlikely to enjoy charred flavor. We will add it afterwards.

Make sure you season the steak no more than 15 minutes before searing it in the skillet. Don’t season it with salt while it gets to room temperature – salt will draw out excess juices (read – tenderness and flavor) and ruin the steak’s texture on the surface.

Ideally use the salt just before sending the steak into the pan for searing.

If you are looking for some ideas to try, I suggest you try these round steak recipes, coupled with sauces.