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How To Sous Vide Flat Iron Steak – Best Way

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Part 3: Pro Tips on Sous Vide

By now we have already made our sous vide flat iron steak in Part 1 and saw how to buy a quality steak and cooking utensils in Part 2.

This bit here is dedicated to cooking tips and recipes. Let’s check them out.


Tip 1: Seasoning

Choosing ingredients that are umami rich will give a particularly defined flavor to the completed flat iron steak.

For a good sous vide flat iron steak recipe, try mixing fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce and anchovy paste with blue cheese for a flavoursome marinade


Tip 2: Prolonged Cooking

As you saw in the table in Part 2, you only need 30 minutes to cook a 0.5inch steak. There I mentioned that your steak won’t overcook, if you continue cooking it, once that time runs out. If you keep going for another 30 minutes and maybe even an hour, you will notice your steak becoming even more succulent and tender. It happens because gentle heat breaks down tough connective tissue just like in slow cooking. Use this tip for tougher cuts like flat iron steak and make them restaurant-like!


Tip 3: Immersion Circulator

This awesome device converts any cooking container into a sous vide water bath and I highly recommend it for anyone using sous vide cooking method regularly. Not only they simplify the whole process dramatically (you don’t need to think about temperature adjusting at all), but they look cool too.


Tip 4: Sous Vide Cooking Bags

As already mentioned, I recommend you get highest quality sous vide cooking bags so to minimize the amount of chemicals leaching inside the steak. Look after this kind of stuff to keep you and your family healthy and looking good.


I hope that you now know how to sous vide flat iron steak at home and this guide was somewhat helpful. Please check out some recipes here:


Sous Vide Flat Iron Steak Recipes

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