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If you are searching for cooking guidelines, then you probably know how a terrible piece of meat tastes like…dry, flavorless, and impossible to chew!

I want you to avoid all this disappointment and waste of resources – after all beef costs money and time is limited. My goal is to help YOU finally enjoy the steak you deserve.

The simple, exact and detailed guidelines on this website will direct you towards the preparation of a pure masterpiece, which you will enjoy every time.


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Below you can find the list of all the steaks I can help you with. Choose the cooking method or click to find other cooking techniques you can try. Enjoy. 🙂

Round Steak

This cut is one of the toughest to cook properly. It’s lean, it’s less tender and it’s tricky to get right.

Take extra care when cooking this steak using direct heat – prolonged searing at high temperature will dry this steak completely,

Use cooking techniques below to get the best result.

Tenderize Round Steak

See how you can make round more tender.

Broil In Oven

Prepare round roast in convection oven with a broiler.

On Stove Top

See how to sear round in a skillet so it’s tender & flavorful.

Cook Round Steak

Find other techniques for cooking this cut.


Sirloin Steak

A more premium cut, sirloin is great for grilling and other dry heat cooking methods.

Remember that sirloin can be called differently in different countries (often in different states), since the primal cut this steak is taken from is big.

Pick top sirloin for the best flavor and tenderness. Then see how to prepare it to perfection right below.

How To Grill

Use gas or charcoal bbq to grill a perfect sirloin.

In Cast Iron Skillet

Use a cast iron pan to prepare sirloin medium-rare.

In Oven

Roast sirloin in convection oven without broiling.

Cook Sirloin Steak

Find other techniques for cooking this cut.


Rib Eye Steak

It’s hard to say whether this cut is the most popular and well-known. People all over the world order it in the restaurants on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to home cooking, this delicious cut is not that simple to prepare.

Find more about ways of making rib eye steak below.

In Skillet

Cook rib eye on stove top so it’s real good.

Roast In Oven

Prepare rib eye roast in oven at low heat for extra tenderness.

Cook Rib Eye Steak

Find more ways of preparing this cut.


Filet Mignon

Also called tenderloin steak, this little exquisite steak is pure tenderness, but not with as much flavor.

We try to preserve the first and develop the second for it to become truly delicious and unforgettable.

Find the ways of cooking fillet steak down below.

Sear On Stove

See how to pan-sear fillet steak in skillet.

Cook Filet Mignon

Find other ways of cooking this cut.


New York Strip Steak

Also known as striploin steak, this exquisite cut is full of flavor and tenderness.

I like cooking it on stove (because it’s fast and simple), but it’s similarly great on the grill and in oven.

Dry rub or a quick marinade complements this steak well. Now see how to cook it right below.

Pan Sear In Skillet

See how to pan-sear NY strip steak in skillet.

Cast Iron Skillet

Pan-sear NY strip steak in cast iron skillet.

Stove & Oven

First cook NY strip steak on stove & then finish it in oven.

Cook New York Strip Steak

Find other ways of cooking this cut.


Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak (often misspelled as ‘flatiron’) is a relatively new cut.

No, it didn’t just grow recently on the cow… They just decided to cut it differently, so this steak appeared.

Fairly tough and inexpensive, this piece of meat requires special treatment.

Cast iron Skillet

Learn how to fry flat iron in cast iron 😀

Sous Vide

Sous vide flat iron steak to perfection.

Grill On Gas Grill

Grill flat iron to medium-rare on gas grill.

Cook Flat Iron Steak

Find other ways of cooking this cut.


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