Slowly Cooking A Juicy Steak To Medium-Rare In Oven

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This article explains how to slow cook a steak in oven to medium-rare level of doneness.

Low and slow – that’s how, in my opinion, every steak should be made!


A steak full of flavor & tenderness...thanks to slow cooking!
A steak full of flavor & tenderness…thanks to slow cooking!



Now I am going to share my own experience of how to do it the best way possible.

Here is what you will see below:

So let’s begin, shall we? 😉


Why Cook Steak at Low Heat

Indeed, after all no ‘cooking suggestion’ from any steak package never mentions this method. But it is a real deal! So, what’s about it?

Gentle temperature helps to gradually cook meat and break down collagen, which is a protein found in tough connective tissue.

This effect has two main consequences.

First – the steak becomes more tender than it would have been, because collagen is what makes tougher and cheaper cuts (like brisket) tougher and…well, cheaper.

Second – collagen, when it’s broken down, releases a lot of beefy, meaty flavor. That’s why stews taste so ‘rich’ and delicious.

To sum up, we use low-heat roasting to tenderize steak and develop more flavor.

Now, what are the best cuts for slow roasting?


Best Cuts for Low & Slow Roasting

As I already mentioned, any steak will benefit from low-heat cooking, but some will need it more than others.

As a rule of thumb any tougher and cheaper cut should be prepared at lower heat.

You can also marinate them for even more flavor.

Among them:

And how does it work? See below!

Pro Tip: Marinating is a good way to tenderize a tough steak’s surface – see this quick marinating guide to get started.


How to Slow Cook Steak in Oven – 6 Steps

A great thing about this technique – it’s very simple and works all the time.

I use a ‘plain’ salt & pepper recipe to illustrate the method better.

Here is what you need:

  • 8oz / 230g 1-inch thick steak (e.g. sirloin)
  • Kosher/flaked salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Add tools for oven:

  • Dripping pan
  • Meat temperature probe
  • Tin foil
  • Meat tongs

Step 1: Bring the Steak to Room Temperature

Leave the steak at room temperature for at least 20 minutes before cooking.

Step 2: Preheat the Oven

Preheat the oven to 90-130C / 190-270F.

I use 90-100C setting – it gives the best results, but takes the most time.

You can slightly increase the temperature, if you need it made quicker. That’s totally fine, if you only need to cook steak to medium-rare (or higher level of doneness).

However if you think about 5-8-hour baking, then use 90C / 190F temperature setting – otherwise meat will end up overcooked.

Step 3: Season the Steak

Season the steak with salt and pepper.

Step 4: Place the Steak Inside the Oven

I use oven tray covered with one layer of tin foil (no need to clean up after).

Simply throw your steak on it and send it inside the oven.

Step 5: Cook Till Medium-Rare

Leave it in the oven until it reaches medium-rare doneness.

That is 55C / 130F inside.

Yes, you will need meat thermometer, because unlike other less time-consuming cooking methods, this technique is especially hard to predict.

Even this guide to cooking times was difficult!

If you are in no rush, and bake at 90C / 190F, you can leave your steak inside for up to 24 hours. That’s what Heston Blumental would do!

However, if you are planning to go that long, I would recommend searing steak first – it will kill all the bacteria on the surface, so you don’t have to worry.

Step 6: Rest the Steak

Once it’s ready, take it out, cover it with another layer of tin foil and rest it so that it actually cools down. It won’t take long – 5 minutes is enough.

It is convenient, EASY-to-print and includes these awesome photos!

This is the method in the nutshell.

Simple, no?

But there is one thing missing and that’s the surface browning. There is a few ways of doing it:

Pro Tip: No matter which method you choose, I recommend you check steak doneness using meat thermometer – it really helps to cook a great steak every time.

Make Your Juicy Medium-Rare Steak From Oven Taste Even Better!

What tricks can you use to make your oven cooked medium-rare steak taste even better? Here are some ideas:

  1. Steak marinade recipes. Marinades help in two ways. First, they tenderize. Second, they give flavor. Here are some marinating tips and tricks for even better resuls. Use them to your advantage!
  2. Sauces & Toppings. No marinade? Not a big deal – use a sauce instead. Or try some round steak recipes right away.
  3. Tenderize. Make your steak even more tender by trying some of the ideas on how to tenderize a tough cut.


I hope I helped you to master the low & slow oven roasting method. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Thank you!

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