Steak Marinade Recipes

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When it comes to marinades many people seem to back off. Marinading, at the first glance, is a skill which requires certain level of experience and knowledge.

The truth is, it’s not that hard. In fact, once you start trying putting together different flavors and aromas, you might easily get carried away!

Below you will find more details on the nature of marinades and sample recipe ideas.

Please read on and enjoy your time here. 🙂




How To Marinate Steak: The Essence

The two important, but not vital, components of any marinade for steak are enzyme- and acid-containing ingredients.

Both are used to tenderize steak on the surface, but…marinades can’t penetrate deep inside muscle fibers! That’s why marinading steak for two nights is a waste of time and maybe even meat itself. After all too much of anything is not good.

Even worse – not every steak actually benefits from the marinade. So if you felt like “there is something wrong” or “it feels like rubber” after eating one, I offer you to try the marinading guide.

This crappy taste can also be a result of terrible cooking (no offence).

So here are some cooking techniques I used in the past:

Also remember that many times it’s the inside temperature that people tend to mess up. That’s how you get an overcooked steak. Try to check the steak doneness with meat thermometer or follow these cooking times guidelines for better tenderness and flavor.


How To Tenderize Steak

Marinades, as you know already, can be used for tenderizing steak, but…only on the surface. When it comes to making the whole thing nicer and less chewy – what do we do?

The answer is – you need to massage it for 30 minutes, preferably using deep tissue techniques. 🙂

On a serious note, there is a few tenderizing methods that work for sure. Try them out!


Tips On Steak Marinade Recipes

If you feel like you need to increase your ‘marinading efficiency’ (just made that up) or make the whole process just a bit less messy or if you skipped the ‘How To Marinate Steak’ guide above, I invite you to see these tips on marinading meat…not just steaks.

They will help you to:

  • get juicier & more flavorful meat
  • improve the appearance
  • optimize the entire process

Try the following 10 tips to marinate steak better.



Steak Marinade Recipes

Without Worcestershire

The online world of cooking is overtaken by Worcestershire sauce!

Just too many marinades contain it…

No Worcestershire marinades.

Honey Marinades

If you are like me, you adore marinades with honey!

Steak and honey combine really well.

Try honey marinades yourself.

Easy & Quick Marinades

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

These recipes take seconds to prepare!

Simple steak marinades.


Also there are other things you could try – our round steak recipes and healthy sauces are among them.


I hope steak marinade recipes ideas above will help you to get started. Please come back regularly to check for updates.

Happy steaks!



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