Healthy Steak Sauce Recipes

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True purists consider using steak sauce as a crime. However making it at home is considered as mitigating circumstances.

It’s also a healthy thing to do. I always say that it’s not steak that makes us look bad…it’s garnishes and sauces!

This time we deal with sauces, so I encourage you to scroll down, see what we got and try them yourself.


Pesto Sauce Recipes For Steaks & Burgers

You can not talk about healthy sauces and not mention pesto! The original pesto recipe, which includes basil, olive oil and pine nuts, is referred to as pesto alla genovese. I think it helps to emphasize it’s authenticity.

A really cool thing about pesto is that it allows you to be creative, while maintaining all the simplicity at the same time. I am really curious every time I mix new ingredients together and put them in the blender…who knows how it will look like in one-two pulses?!

Personally I would not classify it as a sauce…nor would it be a side-dish. Rather – something in between. But, when it comes to flavor, my guests are “mmmmmmmmmming” during the dinners!

If you are looking for the same reaction…

Here is a couple of nice, elegant and easy-to-make pesto recipes to start with. Enjoy J!


Steak Sauces & Toppings

Pesto steak sauce recipes above is only one way to “cover” steak or burger. Once we get our creativity running, I am sure, we all can come up with deliciously amazing ideas of how to combine all sorts of ingredients together.

You know, when you begin thinking it’s kind of hard…but it really gets easier as you go on. For example, if I start a recipe from scratch, I’d pick two-three ingredients I particularly like. Then I try to recall how they taste, depending on the cooking method. The funny part is trying to imagine how they would taste together! I think, this is something that gets developed with practice – the scientific approach of trial and error.

Sometimes, when I am stuck, I’d find a recipe I already tried or look something up from other good people. Whatever is the source, I would then throw something out and add something in, tinkering with proportions, cooking techniques and other, as they say, variables. The end result looks completely different and, of course, tastes better!

And now I would like you to…

Please see our sauces & toppings collection.


Easy Sauces Recipes

Have you ever looked up a steak sauce recipe and found it to be…hmm…overwhelming? Like that there was just so many ingredients?

If you are like me, you end up not trying the thing OR substituting those weird ingredients, which you are unlikely to find in the grocery shop, with something more widely available.

So! If you you can’t or don’t want to handle complexity (and believe that genius is in simplicity), but still eat stunningly delicious meals, I invite you to try these recipes.

If you let me, one handy point-advice though. Because the recipes that follow have relatively few ingredients, we want them all to be of remarkable quality and full of flavor. That means going organic or, even better, growing your own food on the…balcony (this might bring the preparation time up substantially though J).

Please be kind and try our easy sauce recipes.


Our steak sauce collection is slowly (but steadily) growing! I invite you to come visit us from time to time and see, what’s new.

Got any comment or question? Please leave it below and I will get back to you very soon.

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