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artem-klimkinHi Dear Reader,


As you might already know, my name is Artem and I am the founder of this website.

For me, SteakEat is all about perseverance, grit, hard work and of course some luck.

It was my first serious online project that turned out OK.

At the moment of writing SteakEat is visited by more than 100,000 people every month.

The SteakEaters come from all over the world and they are interested in just one single thing – how to cook steak to perfection.


While absolute majority use this website to cook the most perfect steak, some people reach out to me, asking about SteakEat and how it all works.

I would finally like to use this opportunity and unveil the secrets of SteakEat operation.

Below I list the tools that I personally use to make SteakEat so powerful.


SteakEat: Tools & Resources


#1 Domain Registrar

Many people asked me: “How did you come up with such an amazing name – SteakEat?”.

Well, to be honest, I got ‘SteakEat’, because ‘EatSteak’ was taken. 🙂

I also use as my domain registrar for just about all my websites.

P.S. Use ‘PRIVACYPLEASE’ coupon to get Whois privacy for FREE!


#2 Hosting Plan Provider

As they say, don’t put all the eggs into one basket and keeping domain registrar and hosting provider separate is the natural consequence of that logic.

When I first started working with WordPress, I used Hostgator.

I was quite happy with them until my traffic started to soar. At some stage they cached my website and kind of turned it off, so it doesn’t interfere with their system (there was a lot of pressure coming from SteakEat).

I then decided to switch to Bluehost (with the plan upgrade) and this is the hosting plan that I currently use.


#3 Email Management System

At the time of writing SteakEat has almost 4000 email subscribers…you can imagine that it’s a lot of emails!

Aweber has been great for keeping my email database up and running.

I recommend these guys.


#4 Keyword Research

You know that it’s all about finding the right keywords when you need some extra traffic.

This is super important at early stages of your online venture…in fact, it is maybe the only important time to perform proper keyword analysis.

I tried numerous options available on the market, including Market Samurai, LongTail Pro, Keyword Researcher Pro and Moz’s Tools.

What’s the best?

Hard to say, because they all have their advantages (and a ton of disadvantages).

Currently I use a combination of Google’s FREE Keyword Tool, LongTail Pro and Keyword Researcher Pro for extra long keyword phrases.


#5 WordPress Theme

My mom says that we are not that rich to buy cheap things.

This is why I invested into buying Genesis theme package some time ago (if you buy the whole thing, you get unlimited access for their current and future themes)

I couldn’t be happier, because I have numerous websites and Genesis makes them fast, beautiful and safe.

This website uses Beautiful Pro Theme – check it out.


Of course, this is not everything that I use for SteakEat, but that’s a big chunk.

I wish you the very best of luck with your venture and you can always reach out to me.





Please note that some of the links above are affiliate, which means I will get paid in case you purchase something using these links.

By no means this puts extra charge on you, but I would deeply appreciate your support.

Every success to you with your good intentions!

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