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There are 3 main problems with all the steak cooking guides out there:

⚠️ Problem #1: People that write cooking guides aren’t chefs – they are content creators that paraphrase what other people write.
⚠️ Problem #2: Incorrect cooking times also don’t help – you end up under/overcooking your steak.
⚠️ Problem #3: Lacking vital details – most cooking books never actually tell you the difference between cheap and expensive steaks and how they must be cooked differently in order to get best results. 

✔️ For a cooking guide to work it must be simple. It should provide essential details.  It can’t avoid the little secrets.  You have to be able to receive consistent results with it.

And that’s what The SteakEat Stove Top Method is all about.

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Enjoy Your Steaks
Like Karen, Robin, Ruth, Faye, Bzd, M.M. and so many more people!

When I Got Tired of Dry, Flavorless Hard-to-Chew Steak

I remember my first REAL time I went to the supermarket all by myself to buy a delicious Irish striploin steak (if you don’t know, Irish beef is TOP quality).

There was this one special occasion approaching (well, it was Christmas hehe) and I thought that a delicious piece of beef would be just about right to celebrate it…

After I got the steak (paying quite some $ for it), I had a sudden desire to marinate it…I’m not exactly sure why I had that but I can also recall that I was quite worried about eating the entire thing with “blood in it” (aka “medium-rare” doneness level.

The steak turned out OK…even though it was pretty boiled in its own juices.

It also didn’t have that steak-specific browning you always want and tasted like beef you’d find in a soup…

Since then I went through myriads of steaks cooking in different countries – US, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Germany…

Bringing together the entire method took me quite a bit of time but I now know how to cook a perfect steak every single time.

You can do that too.

The SteakEat Method is the only guide out there that’s focused on nothing but the cooking method itself – it WILL help you (or you get your money back).

Who Is The Method For?

You may be a young college student (just like me when I was buying my first steak), a loving wife/husband looking to cook something truly delicious for their loved one.

In fact, you may be a complete cooking novice, already have some cooking experience or be…a fitness enthusiast that needs some extra protein boost!

One way or another, if you love steak but for some reason just couldn’t get it right all those other times, this is your perfect opportunity to finally make it work!

In fact, you can start enjoying your best cooked steak…today!

You can enjoy a juicy, succulent and tender steak just like Jim, Cheryle, Erin and…so many more people!


What Exactly Do I Get?

I have something very special for you.

My goal is to offer a ton of value…I really want you to enjoy that delicious, juicy and tender steak every single time.

If you buy the method today, you will get:

✔️ The SteakEat Method: 8 Simple Steps to Cooking a Perfect Steak on Stove
✔️ Cooking Times Guidelines (because that’s what a perfect steak needs)
✔️ 27 Truths About Steak on Stove

But…that’s not over!


On top of THAT you will also get these 9 (!) bonus paleo-friendly recipes that we tried and tested.

✔️ Bonus Recipe #1: Chimichurri Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #2: Pepper Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #3: Delmonico Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #4: Sweet Potato Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #5: Hamburg Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #6: Sailsbury Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #7: Filet Mignon Steak
✔️ Bonus Recipe #8: Steak Diane
✔️ Bonus Recipe #9: London Broil

So, for a price of a typical rib eye you get in a restaurant, you get all these…


SteakEat Method Sneak Peek:

If you are wondering just how useful the stuff inside is, check out this one single image from “Steak Cooking Times” book.

We actually cooked every single steak timing the entire process, took photos of it all and designed the look – pure value!

The Guy Behind The Method

You scroll down that far and decided to read this line which is a huge compliment for me…and my work! I’m a hobby chef and beef is my main thing – I love it.

I also can attest that I somehow “feel” how to cook it…it’s like I have this special connection to every steak that I prepare for myself and…the loved ones.

As you might imagine, I put quite some effort into this work and…many steaks were ruined (we ate all of them though).

All this to give you a perfect method…that works every single time!


The SteakEat Method is a technique that helps to cook an amazing steak every single time.
It consists of 8 simple steps that are covered in great detail and all have images for illustrative purposes.
The Method does not include any recipes except for the simple salt’n’pepper steak, which is pretty much the only thing any steak lover would really need.

The Method also comes with 2 Bonus Materials that include 27 Truths About Cooking Steak on Stove and Cooking Times according to SteakEat Method.

Anyone who loves steak, but wants to dramatically improve their final result!

Please don’t buy The Method, if you are looking for recipes.

Absolutely not!
The method has been perfected over the years to offer the best results, while keeping the instructions simple and straightforward.


The simple answer – you get what you pay for.

Absolute majority of those ‘guidelines’ are written by content creators that have nothing to do with cooking, but everything to do with copying other people’s information.

They never get into specific details, which are essential when it comes to cooking a delicious steak every single time.

Absolutely. We offer no questions asked 60 day money-back guarantee, so it’s a risk-free investment, if you don’t like it. And if you don’t like it, we will refund you every cent back and you can keep The Method for free.

60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

The SteakEat Method Works. Period.
Use it and you will end up with a tender, juicy and flavorful steak.
However this book comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with it for whatever reason, then you can return it and it will be free for you.

Ready To Enjoy That Juicy Tender Steak Every Single Time?

1. Get the Best Steak. Cooking steak to perfection is only 50% of success!
The other 50% come from great quality steak and I recommend you get those from here. Especially their grass-fed beef (they also have poultry, pork and loads of game!)