There are Three Main Problems with most stove top steak cooking guides out there:

  • Problem #1: They Can't Cook
    Absolute majority of those that write those cooking guides have absolutely nothing to do with cooking. They can’t cook. They just paraphrase what other people write – they are content writers.
  • Problem #2: Wrong Cooking Times
    Almost always people get confused with cooking times guidelines which results in the steak being over- or under-cooked.
  • Problem #3: Lacking VITAL Details
    Most cooking books never actually tell you the difference between cheap and expensive steaks and how they must be cooked differently in order to get best results.

For a cooking guide to work it must be simple. It should provide essential details.
It can't avoid the little secrets.
You have to be able to receive consistent results with it.

And that’s what The SteakEat Stove Top Method is all about.

The Only Steak Guide That Is
Focused on Nothing But
The Method Behind a
Perfectly Cooked Steak

Alessandro Nicoletti

“This was awesome – I spent a lifetime not knowing how to cook a Steak and as a result quit buying them to prepare at home. I just cooked two perfectly with your guide and could not be happier – thank you!”

5 Common Myths About Cooking Steak on Stove...

  • Myth #1: Searing Steak at High Heat Locks in Juices
    FACT: Searing or any other type of cooking doesn't lock any juices inside, simply because cooking process coagulates protein molecules, causing them to shrink and give out moisture.
  • Myth #2: Salt Your Steak After Cooking
    FACT: Salt takes part in a chemical reaction that takes part during high heat cooking. It contributes to your steaks amazingly flavorful brown surface, when done correctly.
  • Myth #3: Cooking Time Guidelines Are Useful
    FACT: Cooking time guidelines are nothing but very bad estimations of how long it should take a steak. More than that - they have nothing to do with cooking most delicious steak.
  • Myth #4: Well-done Steak Is The Only Safe Option
    FACT: E.coli bacteria that well-done steak lovers try to avoid by cooking their steaks to that doneness level can only exist on the steak's surface. It can't get inside! That's why medium-rare (and even rarer) are safe to it. They are obviously more juicy as well.
  • Myth #5: Steak Needs a Sauce
    FACT: If the steak you just cooked needs a sauce, you overcooked it, so it's all dried out, flavorless and possibly hard to chew.
  • Myth #6: Red Juices in Steak is Blood
    FACT: Many well-done lovers are afraid of 'blood' in medium-rare steaks. Blood in steak isn't blood. It is a mixture of water with a protein called myoglobin, which is reddish in color.



I ask you:

- Would you like to cook every single steak so it's tender, juicy and delicious?
- Would you like to cook WITHOUT cooking times and still get a great result?
- Would you like to not fear wasting and ruining an expensive cut?
- Would you like to never overcook your steak again?
- Would you like that delicious browning as well?

And also...

Just imagine how happy you and your loved ones could be by simply eating a deliciously flavorful piece of beef that’s full of tenderness and juiciness!


#1: What is the right amount of time to keep the steak out from the fridge before cooking. Is it really necessary?

#2:​ Why undercooked steak (i.e. medium-rare) practically doesn’t have any risk of poisoning you.

​#3: Why well-done steak is less healthy than rare steak.

#4: Why adding pepper before cooking is not the best idea.

#5: How thick should the steak be, so it’s tender and juicy after all.

#6: Is organic grass-fed a hoax? Learn the truth.

#7: Why cooking temperature guidelines don’t work. What’s the ONLY alternative.

#8: Is table salt right for steak? (no, it’s not) And what’s the better option?

#9: What is the best cut of beef for steak.

#10: What are the tricks to make ANY steak perfect?

#11: Why it’s important to rest the steak after cooking it on stove.

#12: How hot the skillet/pan has to be for a perfect brown crust?

#13:​ Why salting before cooking is the must.

#14: What are the proper utensils for steak cooking.

#15: Which type of skillet is ideal for steak cooking.

#17: Why is steak healthy. How to make it even more healthy.

#18: How to cook steak and not set the fire alarm on fire.

#19: Why steak thickness is vital for steak’s flavor.

#20: Why it is much better to cook steaks quickly, when cooking them on stove top.

#21: Why meat thermometer is a must-have and which one is the best.

#22: How to solve steak doneness problem once and for all.

#23: What are the steak doneness temperatures.

#24: How to not overcook expensive cuts of steak.

#25: How to make and keep a steak tender.

#26: How to stop boiling the steak.

#27: Why searing is a must and how to make it the best way.

My name is Artem and I am in love…

…with steaks! =)

I cooked tons of them (literally), founding over 5 years ago.
Since I began, the website has been visited by more than 2,358,000 (!!!) people from 219 countries (I can easily prove that with my stats).
Hundreds of these steak lovers sent their gratitude messages thanking me for the deliciously cooked steaks the instructions from The SteakEat Method helped them to achieve.

I am delighted that my passion and experience were able to help so many people simply enjoy the best steak they could have.

P.S. I am personally responsible for The SteakEat Method for Stove Top Steak Cooking.

The SteakEat Method Cooking Guide Feedback

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Alessandro Nicoletti
I just cooked two perfectly with your guide and could not be happier – thank you
Polina Perminova

“NO!!! My steaks turned out GREAT- I've already given your website information to 2 friends & THANK YOU so much for your assistance.Best wishes for your continued success!”

Krzysztof Andrzejczak

Steaks turned out great although I had to bake them a little longer. It could because of my old oven doesn't heat up like it use to but the steaks were great! Glad I found you!

Rocio Blazquez

“I was so afraid of ruining my sirloins by cooking them inside on the stove, but with your step by step directions they turned out great cooking them in my cast iron skillet. Thank you for the great instructions! I no longer have to be afraid of cooking Steak inside.


What Exactly is The SteakEat Method for Stove Top?

Who Is The SteakEat Method For?

Is The SteakEat Method Hard to Follow?

What’s The Difference Between The SteakEat Method and Other Free Steak Cooking Guidelines?

Can I get a Refund If I Don’t Like It?

60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

The SteakEat Method Works. Period.
Use it and you will end up with a tender, juicy and flavorful steak.

However this book comes with a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with it for whatever reason, then you can return it and it will be free for you.

#1: It's the only steak cooking guide that is focused on the actual method, NOT the recipes.

#2: No nonsense. It's built on facts, not on myths.

#3: It's easy to follow. The whole process is broken down into illustrated steps.

#4: Other free steak cooking guides on the internet are written by content creators - not chefs.

#5: If it doesn't work for you, it's free.


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